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My first babysteps in static code analysis with nDepend

A few weeks ago, I was asked to look into static code analysis, mainly with the tool nDepend. I’ve never had any experience with static code analysis, and was fairly curious about what this was all about.

In this blogpost I will be talking about what static code analysis is, what the difference is with dynamic code analysis and when to use it. After that I will be covering some metrics and conclusions you can get from a static code analysis tool and I will be ending my post with a small overview of what nDepend has to offer.

Growing as a software developer

Congratulations. You’ve just taken your first steps into a career as a software developer. Perhaps you’ve spent the last 4+ years in higher education or you’ve switched careers and gone through a boot camp or are completely self-taught. It doesn’t really matter, the point is that right now you are standing at the precipice of a new career. And each and every one of you, regardless of your background is going to have to responsibility for your career in a way that you may not have had to do before.

Interviewing as an Engineer - Process

The interview process at Infinitas Learning is a 4 step process. This blog post will summarize each part of the process to give you an understanding of how we meet the principles we set out in the previous post. Self-evaluation against our career ladder We use a subset of our career ladder to kickoff our interview process. We are currently using SkillsMap as our provider to allow our candidates to evaluate themselves against the same career framework we use to support career growth within the engineering team.

Interviewing as an Engineer - Introduction

To build a great team you must start with the interview. The interview process at Infinitas is being built from the ground up with the following goals:

Quality Engineering at Infinitas

Historically, the role of a Quality Analyst or Tester (QAs) in a software delivery world functioned similarly to how Quality Assurance might happen in a manufacturing plant. Manufacturing plants will invest a significant amount of resources ensuring that the output of the process is exactly to spec and the same for every item that is produced. The difference, of course, is that Quality Assurance on a manufacturing process is highly repetitive. A manufacturing plant will do exactly the same thing tens of thousands of times. Software Delivery is not like this.