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Interviewing as an Engineer - Process

The interview process at Infinitas Learning is a 4 step process. This blog post will summarize each part of the process to give you an understanding of how we meet the principles we set out in the previous post.

Self-evaluation against our career ladder

We use a subset of our career ladder to kickoff our interview process. We are currently using SkillsMap as our provider to allow our candidates to evaluate themselves against the same career framework we use to support career growth within the engineering team.

The intention behind this stage in our process is to set the context for your interview. We don’t feel that CVs give us a good basis into the whole you. So, we’d like to understand which of the behaviours that we value that you’d feel comfortable doing. This allows us to get a clearer idea of what we should be discussing more in-depth with you. Please keep in mind that there are no ‘right’ answers for which behaviours make you comfortable. This is simply a way to initiate the follow up conversation we will have with you.

Discussion based on your evaluation

Once you have completed your evaluation, you will have a video call with two of our senior engineers/leaders to discuss your evaluation. We will drive this conversation and ask questions based on the behaviours you feel comfortable doing. The goal for us is to understand if your interpretation of the behaviours matches ours. We are specifically looking for your actual capabilities and to understand where we will need to invest in your growth. The outcome of this interview is a clear understanding of where you fit on our career path and if you will fit well into our available roles.

Pairing exercise

Following the evaluation discussion, we will bring you into the office. We have a publicly available repository which describes in detail our pairing exercise. The intention of this interview is to ensure that you have the fundamentals of software engineering that we expect as part of our engineering team.


The interview process that we follow may seem a bit over the top, however, we strongly believe that we need to hire great engineers to build a great team. Interviewing is the first step in that process and we want to make sure that our interview process means that you will join a team of great engineers that you’ll love to work with.