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Digital at the Infinitas Learning companies

As an Engineer with Noordhoff Uitgevers, you will be an integral part of our cross-functional product teams, focused on shipping products that make a meaningful impact on both our learners and the performance of our company. We take learning and growth seriously, both for our customers and our engineers.

Our teams have end-to-end responsibility and ownership of what they build. All teams are provided with a range of tools that empower you and your team to monitor the performance and health of your products, we believe this is the best mix of ownership balanced with the right amount of support and expertise when it is needed.

Our platform is composed of a mixture of .NET, Node and React+Redux services running as both Web Applications or containers in Kubernetes in Azure. We are moving towards a microservices architectural approach with a bias towards slightly larger services focused on domain-specific functionality. We, like any company with a 100+ year history, have a mix of old and new products - but we have a strong vision and the experience to move forward incrementally towards a new architectural future over time.

Why not take a look at some of the talks given by our Infinitas CTO, Clifton Cunningham, to get a feel for the direction of travel across the companies: