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Who are we?

Our companies and being part of a larger engineering culture

The Infinitas Learning Group covers three companies in different countries. When working for an Infinitas company you will be employed at the company most appropriate for where you want to live and work. If you are in Sweden, you’ll be employed by Liber, in Belgium it will be Plantyn, and in the Netherlands it will be Noordhoff Uitgevers. The VP of Engineering that leads the overall team will be employed by Infinitas in the Netherlands, and report directly into the CTO.

The engineering culture, however, spans all companies, and while we will actively try to keep teams together in a way that works most effectively for the delivery of local products, there will be engineers working across company boundaries.

We will actively support collaboration across teams, via a variety of channels such as the Principal engineering community, weekly knowledge sharing sessions, and quarterly engineering in-person meetups alternating between all office locations. We also work with teams across Europe to provide additional expertise and capacity when we need it. All engineers, regardless of location and employer, will be part of the greater engineering team and cared for equally.

As this is a new way to work for the entire company, we hope you’ll join us! Your input will be critical to making the team a success.